Back to sweet loving India!

...from the darkness into the light and from the light into the darkness ..

Journey starts in Rishikesh.
Here I am offering Ayurvedic Healing Therapies, Reflexology and also Course of Reflexology... those who come to me with trust, ready to rest, dive deep, enjoy and let go those who understand that our body and mind and soul is one and nothing will be permanently healed when treating those seperately

I can help you to experience a blisfull healthy state of being one, being self, and connected to fullness
..temporarily though:-)

Therapies are here to give you the experience of that how you can feel all the time.
The hard work to change imbalances causing patterns in your life will always eventually land in your hands.

My energy is limited, meeting in person before session is required.

Contact me for more details on 07060753241 or

love and peace,

Organic essential oils only..
Quality Ayurvedic massage oils...
Tuning fork for sound therapy..
and candles... and incense... and of course music... channeled through my full presence and attention...

... all there for your Unique Experience of Ayurvedic Healing